Tessitura Music Hosts Jazz Night with 1818 Chophouse

On Tuesday May 24th, Tessitura Music held their first Jazz Night, hosted by 1818 Chophouse, Edwardsville. Tessitura Music provides music education and performance opportunities for
students and performers of all ages. This event developed out of the recognition of three
extremely talented and enthusiastic vocal students from Tessitura Music, Maeve Durkee, Trinity Whitesides, and Ella Carter.

When I see a special talent or interest in a particular genre or discipline of music, I feel inspired
to help provide opportunities to explore these talents.

Amy Prince

Tessitura Music was happy to join forces with Dan Smithiger and the Missouri Illinois Musical Arts Consortium in providing this opportunity for the singers of Tessitura Music to perform for their friends and family. The evening included an audience of 40 individually invited guests who attended a 45-minute jazz concert followed by a beautiful private dinner party. Accompanying the singers were Joe Welch, keyboard, Zack Clark, bass, and Dan Smithiger, percussion. The performers had one rehearsal the day before the concert.

My goal as a teacher is to enable you to find who you are as a singer, and help you feel comfortable with your own gifts

Amy Prince

The great success of the evening has solidified Jazz Night as a regular performance opportunity for the students of Tessitura Music and the future relationship between Tessitura Music and MIMAC. Future Jazz Night and other genre-specific Tessitura Music Concerts will be open to the public starting in the Fall of 2022.

Bringing live music to the community is important. Providing performance opportunities for
young singers, when they may never otherwise have a chance to explore these talents, is

Watching these students learn to collaborate, listen, and respond musically and authentically
was beautiful and very fulfilling as a teacher

Amy Prince

A special thank you to MIMAC, 1818 Chophouse, and all the talented and gracious performers. To the parents of our Jazz Night singers, thank you for recognizing and fostering education and performance in the arts.

Written By Amy Prince – Owner/Operator of Tessitura Music & MIMAC Volunteer